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Once upon a time, there was a girl, born to be something unlike the world had ever seen. A dancing hunter. But she didn't want that. And so, she ran away.

She was only a runaway girl named Cain.

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It was’t uncommon for Red X to be found among the Jump City rooftops; it was his natural territory, after all. That, and the alleyways below. Neither was it uncommon for him to encounter others up there.

Yet usually such encounters erupted into a bout of sparring. More frequently, the other party tended to sport spandex. This kid (how old could she be? Thirteen?) in civvies was a curiosity, standing atop the next rooftop (a rooftop with no visible access) and eyeing the thief with frank, unabashed interest. As if a stranger in a skull mask were merely a novelty.

X hopped across the gap between buildings, landing several metres from the girl; he remained crouched and matched her gaze.

Well. She wasn’t running.


"Past your bedtime, kid?"

Past your bedtime. She knew those words, kind of. Sometimes people who saw her at night but didn’t get that she was one of those kinds of kids would ask that, and tell her she should go home. They were either said with concern or contempt, but never cruelty- and this one was no different. Not quite concern, no contempt- simply… curious. 


Cassandra did her best not to grin at that, especially with how guarded he was- guarded men reacted to things differently, after all- and shook her head. ”no.

Never mind the fact that while she knew the words, she didn’t quite know what a bedtime was. She’d figure it out if it ever became important. Just like words. She was getting the important ones down, slowly- though she would admit there was a certain joy whenever she realized what something fully meant on her own. 

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Okay clearly that didn’t work. Stop running your thoughts in circles Wally, she’s like, what? You have no idea how old she is. Hard to guess just off appearances. Personal issues are personal for a reason. Helping someone else now. He waved vaguely around the area, “Bad people like it here, and don’t like, others to be here. We should,” He waves again in the vicinity of ‘not here’ nad hopes that comes across as something other than him being a lunatic. “Scoot. Move. Leave.”

He’s pretty sure dealing with children shouldn’t feel this hard. He’s never had problems befo- oh shit. Heavy boots, and he’d bet he’d smell smoke if the wind changed. He could just grab the kid and run, but that would look… awkward at best.


Oh. ‘Bad people.’ She knew all kinds of words for those types, and- oh no. Slowly she lets slip a dawning comprehension on her face- this wasn’t as safe a spot as she had thought at all. And it looked like in her own inability to understand what he was saying, she had just put them both at risk if those footsteps were anything to go by. 

Standing up quickly, Cassandra glanced in the direction the sound was coming from. She didn’t have much, just an old bag with some spare clothes and a blanket and the flowers- it’d be foolish of her to trust the world to not move what few things she had if she let it be for too long, so of course she had that with her. Slinging it over her shoulder, Cassandra kept her gaze to the source of the sound while moving away. There could still be time.


"I know, they’re terrible. I’m sorry." She hadn’t run away from him yet, that was a plus. Most children when they saw him did just that. "Do you want something better to eat?" He kneeled down to her level. "I promise I’m not going to hurt you, sweetheart." 

There’s a small smile and an even smaller giggle at his  words, hidden behind an unwavering stare and the night- not that the darkness could obscure sound very well, but she’d like to believe it went unnoticed. He was offering more food? The way to her heart for about ten minutes, if she was being honest- a lot of people liked to give her food, and she liked food. And it had only been drugged a few times! Not that it worked very well. After a moment, she nods, and smiles more- she believed him. “okay.

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"Ummm, hi?"

It wasn’t odd to have send odd looks his way, he was green, had a tail, and could shift into animals. Be strange if she wasn’t the least bit curious, but nevertheless she was one of the few who were fine with closing the distance to get a good look.

Young too…. Maybe around his age. Kids were a lot more bold and brave than adults gave ‘em credit for, that’s for sure.

Oops. Seems like she overstepped some boundaries- she did that a lot, she should really work on that. “um- sorry." Cassandra mumbles, but she couldn’t help it. After all, one did not often meet a green child. After a moment, she looks up at him. "is real. how?" Seriously, she’s seen all kinds of skin on people- but not green. Unless it was tattoos. But she knew enough about limits that society had to know no child would have one. 

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It’s not all that often she got to see superheroics in action- bad people being stopped. Sometimes she wonders if things would have been different if heroes were there when she had killed Faizul. But one cannot alter the past.

So instead the girl hid like most other civilians-mustn’t draw attention if suspicious are around- when the fighting broke out, stealing glances for herself every now and then. It wasn’t very long, not at all- after all, even she (especially she) could see that the bad guys were untrained. So once the dust settled, Cassandra took another glance out. The hero was still there. Normally they left by now. 

Silently, as more people begin to emerge, Cassandra approaches. “you… okay?" She asks, unsure if she’d even be heard.

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"Mistress Cassandra, is that you?" Alfred said to the girl splashing in the pond. He was driving through the city to run some errands when he noticed her there.He offered her his hand to get up out of the pond. "Let’s go home."

Who- oh. She knew him. Vaguely. A long time ago- or perhaps it only felt like that to the twelve year old- Batgirl had brought her to a large house and that man had been there. She had left though, when she realized that she may have trusted Batgirl, but the man was a stranger. A kind stranger, but a stranger nonetheless. ”i, um- no home." Cassandra manages to stumble out, wiping some of the water off of her face.

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[[Updated a couple of pages! Mostly put together some of Cass’s strengths and weaknesses in a list so people don’t have to pick it out through some badly written paragraphs. Which I should update as well.]]

The little girl’s just going to lay on the ground in the shade for a while. It just rained so everything’s nice and cool- might as well take advantage of it. 


Tim stalking Cass from Robin #119 from Jon Lewis and Pete Woods.

Don’t kid yourself, Tim, even money says she’s known you were there all along. She even says “I am always watching” to those guys.

So, basically at this point Tim is convinced that there is a traitor amongst the ranks of the bat-family, so naturally he chooses to target poor Cass with his suspicions first. I’m not convinced by his inner-monologe comment about Cass lacking any concept of morality before meeting Bruce, if that were the case, why would she have ever parted ways with her father?

I can’t decide if Lewis didn’t really get her, or if he was writing Tim in-character as not really getting her, but the end result is about the same.

My read on this scene? 

Cass knows perfectly well that Tim is there, and why. As ever, she understands and grasps quite a bit more than she lets on. She would literally only have needed a passing glance at Tim pursuing her to read the suspicion and distrust etched subconsciously into his every movement and expression. She knows, and yet (possibly to save Tim’s wounded pride since he thinks he’s being sneaky) she pretends to not notice him until the end. 

Why? Because she understands, deep down, why the others will probably always harbor some distrust towards her, she understands that naturally if Tim thinks something is afoot he’s going to investigate her first.

She understands, but it doesn’t hurt any less.

As usual, Cass suffers in silence.


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